The benefits of resin flooring

Resin flooring has many advantages based upon where you want to place it. Resin flooring is best known for its durability and its toughness which makes it ideal to be placed in warehouses and factories where the floor has to take the most impact of activities. Resin Coating Specialists pioneer in the field of resin flooring and coating.

Resin flooring is manufactured chemically by the chemical bonding of two chemicals. The resulting bond is stronger than concrete and has immense amounts of resistance to breakage. The layer of the chemical coating that comprises the resin is continuous. This continuity is vital in strengthening the floor.

Resin flooring is flexible and tensile under duress and stress. The resin covering can hold immense weight thanks to the bond between the chemicals and holds itself under impact and thermal shock. The amount of flexibility also aides in weight bearing capability. Suppose a warehouse holds a thousand tons’ worth of supplies and has resin flooring over the concrete; the flooring will hold the weight and prevent cracking of the concrete underneath.

Resistant to abrasion.
The type of resin flooring RCS deals in is best known for its abrasion resistance. It means that when something heavy or forceful abrades the floor, the resin flooring will not be damaged while a regular concrete floor will be scratched or destroyed.

Resistance to Chemicals.
Most floorings are not resistant to chemical spillage. Acids, alkalis and various solvents damage a floor permanently. But the resin flooring is resistant to all forms of chemicals and hazardous substances. Resin flooring is itself made from chemicals and is durable and resistant to other chemicals spilling over it. This makes it ideal for chemical laboratory usage.

Aesthetic appeal.
Resin flooring comes in various colors and shades. You can choose from among many types of textures and designs to suit your needs. Whether you want the resin flooring for your room or for your office, you can select easily from a large variety of aesthetically appealing designs. Aesthetic appeal is very important in the floor coating since no one cares about the quality of the floor if it does not look beautiful.

The resin flooring is safe and reliable to use. This is because unlike most marble and crystal floorings, this flooring includes an anti-slip layer that prevents accidental slipping and injury. The anti-slip layer is added beneath the main layer and allows for support and friction while walking, dragging and moving about the floor.

The resin flooring is more hygienic than any other flooring in the market. This is so because the laminated layer on the top of the coating is stain resistant. If something falls on it, you can simply wipe it off without having to deal with any absorbed mess. The lamination allows for non-stickiness and non-absorbing in the floor. This makes it healthy and hygienic.
Resin Coating Specialists.

This company makes resin flooring in many textures, sizes and color for a lot of customers. Their techniques and tools allow them to make the very best in resin flooring and resin coating for homes, offices, warehouses, laboratories and many indoor/outdoor locations.


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