Many car parks are designed to hold and accommodate hundreds of vehicles every day. Resin is designed to give the best possible return on investment, providing a durable solution without the need for frequent repair or refurbishment. Many modern car parks must also satisfy increasingly stringent health and safety regulations, providing explicit floor visuals for exists, and dedicated zones for vehicles and pedestrians. As wall as ensuring the car park is largely slip-resistant, car parks must feature striking visual aesthetics which play an important role in enhancing customer experience and increasing revenue.


Resin is an ideal solution for car parks. No other viable, cost effective solution is waterproof or as durable as resin. RCS not only use quality resin but we apply our product with the precision needed for every modern car park.

  • Fully cured within 1hr at temperatures down to -10°C.
  • Resistant to UV light and weathering.
  • Strong bond to concrete and asphalt substrates.
  • Exceptional skid resistance that can be tailored.

Type of Flooring

Hardwearing and slip-resistant polyurethane coating to protect exterior decks from fluctuating temperatures, UV exposure, water ingress, fuel spillage and chemical attack. The system comes in a range of bright colours to create a welcoming environment for vehicle users. What’s more, bright demarcation and signage can be installed on the surface of the floor to help regulate traffic movement. MMA resin flooring can be used to accommodate very small time windows.

What is included

Project Management

RCS provide a project management team that will be with you from start to finish to ensure all your agreed requirements are met. All of our workforce are employed directly by us and are vetted to ensure they have the skills to match our commitment to satisfying our clients.


At RCS we have over 30 years’ experience in the Industrial Flooring Sector. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide competitive pricing, high quality products and exceptional service.

Custom Solutions

We customise flooring solutions to meet the Specification, budget and timescales required by our clients.

Health and Safety

We work to strict Health and Safety codes to comply with CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety) and current HSE requirements.

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