Resin Flooring Systems offer the ideal solution for food manufacture and processing areas including food processing plants, bakeries, abattoirs, meat processing areas, dairies, breweries, farm shops and kitchens. From heavy duty screeds and self-smoothing systems through to coving, renders and coatings, resin is designed to meet the demands of the food industry and provide the answer for tanked or boxed washrooms and wet areas as well as refrigeration and freezer flooring.

The food processing industry often involves wet foods that, when processed, produce by-products such as milk, whey and water. Floors are often subject to damp and spillage which can subsequently create slipping hazards for operatives working within the facility. The gradual wear and tear of traditional food industry flooring systems may also contribute to further health and safety hazards for workers. Resin floor can be a durable, slip resistant and aesthetically pleasing solution to all of these problems.


Health and Safety legislation is a constant issue for the food industry and traditional flooring products don’t always meet these requirements. Resin provides a hygienic, easy to clean, hardwearing and safe flooring whilst also being a good looking and practical solution.

  • Hygienic.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Hard Wearing
  • Safe
  • Good looking and Practical

Type of Flooring

Our epoxy resin flooring systems are hard-wearing and seamless enough to prevent chemicals from having any effect on the condition of industrial floors. After being sealed, epoxy floor systems are completely impervious to contamination and other forms of damage that may lead to future slipping hazards. A coving system can also be installed which will assist rigorous hygiene regimes.

What is included

Project Management

RCS provide a project management team that will be with you from start to finish to ensure all your agreed requirements are met. All of our workforce are employed directly by us and are vetted to ensure they have the skills to match our commitment to satisfying our clients.


At RCS we have over 30 years’ experience in the Industrial Flooring Sector. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide competitive pricing, high quality products and exceptional service.

Custom Solutions

We customise flooring solutions to meet the Specification, budget and timescales required by our clients.

Health and Safety

We work to strict Health and Safety codes to comply with CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety) and current HSE requirements.

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