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Resin Floor Cost: It Can Save You Money In 5 Ways!

When chatting to our customers making decisions on flooring options, cost is the number one topic that comes up as most important. We have come up with 5 ways that highlight the benefits of resin that will help you save money over time. That initial resin floor cost will dramatically improve the quality of your floor and will reduce further need for outlay. Here’s how:


1.Reduced Maintenance Costs

Resin is incredibly durable, much more so than concrete, and as such will not deteriorate quickly. It can withstand high pressure, such as forklift traffic and heavy footfall, and will not crack or split. This means you won’t have to fork out for constant maintenance costs. Of course we are not saying resin won’t need repairs but it’s dramatically less than other floor types, and it’s usually an easy fix.

2. Reduced Risk Of Accidents (Anti-Slip)

Resin can be applied to any floor with anti-slip to provide a safe platform for foot traffic. This will help to reduce workplace accidents and increase efficiency and output or your workforce. Nothing replaces adequate footwear, of course, but our floors are the next best thing. We can vary the amount of anti-slip applied and can also provide resistance testing as a service so you know exactly how safe your floor is.


3. Increased Efficiency

Resin is extremely versatile and can be mixed in any colour in the spectrum. This can help create demarcations, safety zones, work areas and more that can increase your workflow efficiency. Best of all it’s included in the resin floor cost so no need to purchase additional signage or vinyl stickers, we can do it for you!

4. Curing Time Versus Concrete

Concrete can take up to 28 days to fully mature and as such can seriously affect operations during this time. Resin varies in how quickly is goes off but ranges from a matter of hours to a maximum of 48 hours before loading can occur. This is obviously preferable to concrete and is the sensible choice for anyone wishes to reduce shut down time.


5. We Can Do It All!

At RCS we can provide the necessary machines, tools and man-power to completely overall or install your floor. From the right preparation of the substrate to the final coat of floor sealer and everything in between regardless of the environment or purpose of the space. This will save you on sub-contractor fees or by needing to use multiple companies to complete the work. We have completed projects in almost any industry you can think of and continue to grow and expand into new areas. Anywhere you can think of that has a floor could benefit…and save money!…by installing a resin floor.








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