Resin flooring at its best

Resin floor manufacturing is an extremely delicate operation needing top skills and finesse to produce the quality desired by all the customers. Let us look at the various steps in making this resin flooring. The process is very important to understand so that one has an idea of how impeccably RCS makes these floorings.

HTC Diamond Grinding
To plan verging on each solid floor, we utilize HTC granulating preceding floor complete establishment. The precious stone processor gives a smoother and more even profile and truly enhances the completed result, whether the arrangement is a basic, slight film covering or a garnish on new or unique floor work. We utilize a broad armada of HTC processors, which have the most recent frameworks for dust extraction, guaranteeing the deck will be arranged rapidly and securely and permitting you to bear on nothing new with next to no prevention.

Captive Shot Blasting
RCS uses captive shot impacting to plan for the conveyance of garnishes to any current or new solid flooring. Doing as such gives us a textured surface which is likewise perfect for the utilization of steel planning to SA 2.5. On bigger activities, we utilize fast ride on blasters whilst on littler tasks we utilize stroll behind hardware.

Milling and Planing
We can evacuate any current floor is done with, including latex and cement. Doing this requires floor processing and planing utilizing a scope of apparatus, for example, a standard vacuum stroll behind for normal undertakings or ride on chilly processing water hardware for substantial scale ventures where evacuation of up to 100m for every pass is required.

Latex & Adhesive Removal
We utilize our vast armada of pounding apparatus to evacuate latex and tile and bitumen glues, prepared for the use of consequent coatings and fixings.

Paint & Coatings Removal
Our diamond grinder fleet is used to remove any existing paint or floor coatings. When reapplying coatings, this serves for a quicker, economic re-coating solution.

Expansion Joint Repair
For smoother running floors, perfect for the utilization of substantial apparatus, RCS can evacuate high spots and level out extension joints and in addition completing crushing work to harmed solid pieces. Should there be any fizzled extension joints, we can remove and infill with high quality mortar before we introduce your new ground surface.

About RCS- the manufacturers of resin flooring at its best.
With more than 30 years of time served in the Industrial ground surface industry, RCS is the standout amongst the most experienced organizations you could engage while handling any deck venture. The dominant part our experience gets from our work in manufacturing plants, generation plants, distribution centers, healing centers, airplane terminals, detainment facilities, malls, auto parks and military foundations. RCS has spearheaded a portion of the advanced procedures utilized as a part of today’s sap flooring industry.

RCS are experienced and devoted. We really pride in the products we manufacture and our brand has assisted us with obtaining contracts for a portion of the world’s biggest air ship, car and retail organizations that we offer resin flooring at its best.


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